The Master Plan Delhi 2021 (MPD- 2021) is slang in Delhi and aims to provide affordable housing to accommodate the total population of 1.7 Cr which is expected to increase to 2.5 Crore by 2021. To support the mission of MPD 2021, Revanta Multi state co-operative Group Housing Society,  has brought up the new affordable housing scheme Delhi Awas Yojna. Delhi Awas Yojna Dwarka presents houses just in 18.43 lakhs and thus thrives to make living in Delhi easy. Built with 360 units Delhi Awas Yojna invites anyone from public, private or government sector for application while the allotments will be made on draws in which 33% units are reserved for women. Delhi Awas Yojna through the current Land Pooling Policy works hand in hand with the government in its end eavors of creating the required infrastructure which includes roads, healthcare dispensaries, sanitation, proper sewerage and houses.

The society registration No. of Delhi Smart City Awas Yojana is MSCS/CR/1049/2014.


Three options available for membership –

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